Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recovering Faster

I don't earn my living by selling supplements, but I do occasionally come across a product that makes a meaningful difference. When I do, I recommend it, and if available, I'll get the product and offer it to my clients at a discounted price. Over the past two years, I've been using a product called RecoverEase to come back from hard training. As one example, when I started using RecoverEase, I did a ride from my home in Ramsey, NJ to Long Beach Island, about 154.3 miles (but who counts those tenths?). I used RecoverEase and followed a good nutrition and hydration recovery plan the following day, when I ran an easy 5 miles and by the day after, I ran 12 miles feeling remarkably good! Since then, I've been using this product, which for the most part is a combination of amino acids needed for recovery (and one that you may have heard of for loading before competition- L-glutamine). Many of the ingredients are the same as in Endurox R4, but this is a capsule form product that is much more conveniently handled and no mixing is required. If you like R4, I think you'll like RecoverEase better.

I am able to offer my clients more than 25% off on this product. A bottle of 120 capsules normally sells for $39.99 plus shipping when ordered through the company. Order from me directly, and I'll get it to you for $29.99 with no shipping fees.

As I said, I'm not a supplement sales guy, but this is a product that I've used and I believe it will make a difference for you. That's why I've set up a relationship with the company to order in bulk at a price that allows you to try a bottle ad a pretty nice discount. For more about the product, go to: http://www.wickedfastsportsnutrition.com/p-1-recover-ease.aspx

To order, contact me at chuck@inspiredperformancecoaching.com