Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beautiful Day in Lake Placid

Here's wishing the very best to the 2500+ anxious athletes racing at the Ironman in Lake Placid this weekend! They're apparently going to have a super day weather-wise with temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees and clear skies. Water temperature in Mirror Lake is in the high 60's and perfect as well for a good race day.

One of the most important rules of racing (and of Life in general): Some factors you can't control, so focus on those you can!. One of the major uncontrollable factors (weather) looks to be really favorable, so what's left is to go out with the right mental attitude and get to the task that you've been training for.

Special Shout out:
Rich Kiser- You're going to have a great day! Welcome back to Lake Placid. It's a bit different from Colorado Springs and coming from an elevation of about 6,000 feet should help, although your commitment to training will pay big dividends and your experience on the course from Training Camp will be a huge advantage

Joe Bordieri- You've shown a great consistency in training; following the schedule meticulously and making some huge progress. You've got your game plan in place, your fueling strategy has been tried and tested and conditions are aligning themselves to provide a really great experience for you!

So the overall theme: the work is behind you. Sunday will be about the celebration of having completed that work and having gotten yourself to the best fitness level of your life. Focus on enjoying the day. You'll be on one of the most beautiful Ironman courses in the world so why not immerse yourself in the surroundings.

To all of the athletes: Have a great day on Sunday! I'll look forward to watching the day unfold for you and will be at the finish line listening to Mike Reilly shouting over and over again: "You are an Ironman"!