Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A New Meaning to "Going Camping"

It's that time of year again! Making plans for our Triathlon Training Camp at Lake Placid and feeling all of the anticipation and excitement growing around the 2012 race season. So, I wonder what percentage of Triathletes attend a training camp. I wonder if they see the value of getting out of their normal environment for a few days to live a great, healthful life of training and building friendships with a whole new group of people who share the common love for the multisports lifestyle.

Our camp is a three day experience. Just long enough to build some momentum in your training, but not so long that you need to build in a recovery day in the middle. We include workshop/clinics during camp to help people understand the "why's" of training and not just the "what's". Yes, we all know we have to build endurance, and we know we need to do intervals to increase our ability to handle higher pacing for longer periods, but why do we do, say, 10 x 30 seconds all out sprinting over the course of a long ride. How much recovery time should we allow and what's the benefit of doing one type of set versus another?

We also have some fun. Last year, we had a night of Triathlon Jeopardy with some pretty good prizes provided by our sponsors. This year, you just might anticipate some questions on our Jeopardy Game that revolve around the impending Olympic Games in London! So, knowing who is on the US Mens Team might be useful. Or knowing how many slots we have on the Men's and Women's Team.

Camps are a great opportunity to have some fun, get in some quality training and meet some new people. I love training camps for these qualities and always come back with my batteries charged up for the season.

To those who will be joining us this year, I look forward to meeting you. To those coming back again (about 1/3 of our campers), it's going to be great to see  you again. To those not yet registered, we have a few spots left, but not many.If you'd like to join the fun, visit our link to Camp Information by clicking here

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