Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quality Recovery

Many of you are starting to ramp up your training for the season. As you do, recovering quickly from your workouts becomes more important. As your body recovers, it needs to restore amino acids that are used in training. Restoring leucine, isoleucine, valine and glutamine after exercise helps to rebuild the muscle fiber that is damaged in training, helps prevent muscle soreness and aids in the production of growth hormone.

As I did last year, I just ordered a fresh supply of RecoverEase! I don't sell supplements for a living, but when I find a product that is especially good, I try to pass it along to those I know might benefit from it. This is a recovery product that I've found works better than anything I've tried in over 25 years of training and racing. As my own case study, when I first started using RecoverEase, I cycled from my home to Long Beach Island, NJ (154 miles) on a Friday. I took RecoverEase that night and the next morning and did a strong 10 mile run on Sunday without significant fatigue or soreness!

The key ingredients include essential amino acids including (especially) L-Glutamine which you may recognize as an amino acid that many athletes load with prior to a race. The contents are very similar to Endurox R4, but RecoverEase has twice the amino acid potency without the calories. Because I ordered in bulk, I can offer friends and athletes I coach a 25% discount from the price offered by the manufacturer. Bottles of 120 capsules are available for $29.99. If you're interested follow the link below!

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