Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Triathlon Training Camp- Register now if you want to come to camp

Registration for our Annual Triathlon Training Camp at Lake Placid is going very well. As of today, we have about 7 slots remaining available until camp is "sold out". We're very happy with that news because it (we hope) speaks to the reputation of the coaches who manage this camp, myself and my good friend and colleague, Tom Manzi.

We intend to run a 1st class camp. We don't coach any other way. That's why we limit the number of people who we have in our camp. It's our expectation that everyone who attends will get individual attention and some actual coaching. The people registered so far span the spectrum of Triathlete from sprint and Olympic distance people to those intending on racing at Ironman USA this year. We've charted out rides from 10 to 112 miles (and more if you wish). We're putting together some workshops on varied and (we think) interesting topics ranging from how to calculate your Training Stress Score for your three sports to race day strategies for Ironman.

We're excited about this year's camp (as we have been each year that we've done it). Tom and I have done almost 500 tris between us and the thrill of the starting line has never changed for either one of us so we can identify with the excitement of our campers. We'd love to have you along, but as I mentioned, we do limit the size of our camp and we're thrilled that we'll likely sell out in the next week or so. So if you're interested, or have questions, shoot me an email or give me a call and we can address any thoughts that you might have...but do it soon!


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